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Command Corporation (CMD) has installed smart home security systems in CT since 1991. We're family owned and operated. We have installed thousands of home security systems and are currently licensed and doing business in 10 States. We're not a huge security company, but we're not small either. You can confidently purchase from us knowing that we have your best interest in mind and have the resources of a much larger company to provide you with the level of security you deserve.

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Secure Home Solutions

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Smart Home Security

Smart Home security

2GIG GoControl

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DIY or Professional Installation

Rely Wireless Security

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Premium Home Security

XT Series

Life Safety Sensors


Door/Window Sensor

Door and window sensors protect entry ways into your home. When they sense a door or window opening, they send a signal to the alarm panel to let it know.


Motion Sensor

A motion sensor detects when someone is in your home when they shouldn't be. Our motion sensors are immune to pets up to 50 pounds. 

2GIG SMKT3-345

Smoke Detector

Keep your home and family safe with early warning smoke detection is imperative in getting your family out of bed and out the door in case there's a fire.

2GIG CO3-345

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) can not be seen or smelled. When our sensors detect CO in the air, we warn you by sounding an alarm and calling the fire department.


Glassbreak Sensor

Using a special microphone we can hear the sound of glass breaking. Great for sliding glass doors, french doors and large windows that could easily be broken.


Water Sensor

Water is a powerful force and can cause significant damage to your home. We can warn you of potential flooding conditions in your home while you're away.

Fully Compliant Monitoring Station

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Complete System in a Camera

Wireless Camera

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wireless video doorbell

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Video Doorbell

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